[Carol gives Phil CPR, and both scream at each other]
Carol and Phil: What are you doing?
Carol: I was doing mouth to mouth.
Phil: Where did that wo-wo-woman go?
Carol: You passed out, and, you wet your underpants. I thought you were dying.
Phil: I did not wet my underpants, okay? They're... Oh, they're wet. Ew! Super wet. But that was from something else before. I-I was was uh, swimming the front, the front side.
Carol: Okay, I just thought you were in trouble...
[Phil is looking up in the air, presumably God]
Phil: Okay, I get it. Nobody's coming! You're not giving me anybody. Well, guess what. I don't even care! I don't need people. Okay? I can make it work on my own. Watch me! Watch me!

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