Gordon Vanderkruik
 was a survivor living in Malibu and was presumably Gail's love interest between the first and second season. His grave in "Dead Man Walking" reveals he was born in 1978 and died in 2023.

Gordon first encountered the group, after they had met him on the beach. He then allowed them to move into his mansion with him and also started a relationship with Gail Klosterman. But when Carol sneaks up to the beach in an attempt to surprise the group with her appearance in "The Boo", Gordon ends up having a heart attack.

Following his death, Gail decides to dress a mannequin dummy with Gordon's clothes. She also goes as far as to performing sexual acts with it. But she soon gets caught by Todd with the dummy and eventually moves on from his death by starting a relationship with Todd in "No Bull".

In "Silent Night", Gail asks Phil and Todd to get her a corpse to practice on for surgery for a sick Phil (II). When the local funeral home has nothing but cadavers, they dig him up. They quickly rebury Gordon, after Gail ends up receiving a practice dummy.

Following this, Gordon was mentioned in "Valhalla" and "Skidmark" by Gail and his grave was featured in "General Breast Theme with Cobras and "You're All Going to Diet ". Gail's dummy of him also causes some tension between her and Todd in "Five Hoda Kotbs". The dummy also had it's head decapitated by Gail, in an attempt to escape a broken down elevator in "Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem". 

He was portrayed by Will Ferrell.