• The episode title refers to some of the first advertisements for the show.
  • Starting with this episode, each episode has a 'Fox Presents' logo immediately after the recap of events.
  • Melissa, Todd, Erica, Gail, and Phil do not make appearances in this episode. They do appear illustrated in Carol's notebook and shown in the recap of events. Phil is also mentioned by Phil/Tandy.
  • "Till the End of the Day" by the Kinks is the song played during the beginning of the first act.
  • "I Wish I Were A Princess" by Little Peggy Marsh from Hairspray is the song played as Carol tries on dresses from past first ladies including Dolly Madison, Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama.
  • "Paper Planes (All I Wanna Do Is `Bang Bang´And Take Your Money)" is the song played as Phil drives away from Carol at Speedy Pump.
  • Phil mentions that he and Carol had resided at Graceland and Dollywood, Oprah's, and LeBron's during their road trip.
  • A drawing in Carol's notebook shows that Phil and Carol got remarried at Niagara Falls.
  • Carol's knitting club, Knitters with Attitude, is a parody of hip-hop music group, N.W.A.[1]

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