Phil's Sports Balls are a variety of sports balls that Phil Miller has drawn faces and are considered his "friends and pals", when he realizes he has nobody in "Alive in Tucson". 

During the first season, they were usually seen at O' Rozco's Bar & Grill. During the second season, Phil is usually seen talking to them in Malibu, and were brought along on Phil and Carol's roadtrip throughout the U.S.

The names of them stated by Phil in "Alive in Tucson" are Gary, Jimmy, Greg, Kevin, Antwan, Trevor, Terrence, Trent, Darby, Bryce, Marshall, Peter, Thomas, Max, Dashial, Diego, Clementine, and Jerry. 

In "Valhalla", Phil introduces the newest ball to his collection, Stacy.

In "30 Years of Science Down the Tubes", Phil decides to give his sport ball collection to his brother Mike Miller, after parting ways with him, after leaving Malibu, when he believes he has contracted the virus.

He ends up returning to the Miller House in "The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths" and takes his old volleyball "Gary" with him, after leaving a note for his brother Mike, who may be possibly dead.

In an effort to bond with Jasper in "Point Person Knows Best", Phil gives him "Gary", but takes the volleyball and throws it over a ledge where the ball is ran over by Erica. Jasper is later seen sleeping with the ball at night, where Phil wants to take it back, but then decides to let Jasper have it, and then eventually taking it back.