[Phil is facing the other way]
Phil: What is happening here?! It's tomato! It's tomato!
[Phil walks back in the room]
Carol : Oh, hi.
Phil: Fine. We're married.
Carol: Phil, get down on one knee and do it properly.
[Phil gets on one knee.]
Phil: This is so stupid.
Carol: Can you do it over here?
Phil: Carol..
Carol: Well, do it..
Phil: We...
Carol: Get over here.
Phil: Over here.
Phil: No! This is where the proposal is happening. You want it, you come over here and get it.
[Carol sits down in front of Phil]
Carol: Okay.
Phil: Carol, what's your middle name?
Carol: Andrew.
Phil: Yeah. What is that a family name?
Carol: No.
Phil: Carol... Andrew Pilbasian... Will you marry me?
Carol: Yes! Yes, I will.
Phil: You will?
Carol: Yes!
Phil: Oh! (excited)

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