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Dead bodies after the Virus

Dead bodies, after the Virus.

The Virus is a highly contagious and highly deadly disease that wiped out humanity spare for a handful of survivors. The Virus has no known origin and seems to affect all animals (including humans) and insects. The first symptom of the virus is extreme fatigue. This is followed by coughing and spitting up blood. Finally, the virus causes blood to spew out of every orifice in a body including eyes, nose, anus, ears, etc. We only see glimpses of the progression of The Virus in episodes like "Got Milk?". It is also known that Tom Hanks was the first victim of this virus. It is unknown exactly how many people or animals survived the virus, but we do know some.

Immune Humans Include:

Immune Animals Include:

While they survived, Will Forte confirmed that the underground survivors are not immune to The Virus, stating that in the planned season 5 they would be killed by the heroes, who acted as asymptomatic carriers of the Virus.